Brussels is the wonderful capital city of Belgium. It’s likewise the capital of comic books, fries, lager, waffles, and obviously chocolate!

Strolling through the city feels so enchanting, with string lights hang over the cobblestone avenues.

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Brussels is a generally a small city, so it’s entirely conceivable to see it across the board of one day. Here’s the manner by which to get through 24 hours in Brussels.

Getting to Brussels

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On the off chance that you are already in Europe, getting to Brussels via train is a breeze. Also, the two nearest airports are Brussels Air terminal or Brussels South Charleroi Air terminal.

From Brussels Air terminal, it’s a thirty-minute drive or a fifteen-minute metro ride into the downtown area.

From South Charleroi you can take a bus which will take you right to the downtown area train station and this takes barely 60 minutes. There are additionally different transport methods such as the metro to get from the air terminal to the downtown area.

Where to stay in Brussels

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The city has loads of different kinds of accommodation from tight budgets to extravagance, the suggestions below are for middle tier budgets.


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There are a huge amount of AirBNBs to lease all through the city. Airbnb is an extraordinary choice in case you’re going with a large group or family or need to remain some place calm. Hosts will offer you extraordinary deals and proposals for your time in the city also which is very useful/

Meininger hotel

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This is an incredible high spending alternative in a decent area directly on the edge of the city. Meininger is a simple ten-minute walk or five-minute cable car ride to the downtown area. The lodging offers distinctive room options extending from shared quarters to private rooms. It is spotless, and it has well disposed staff and chances to meet people in the event that you are visiting solo.

Spending Tip: Meininger hotel has lodgings all over Europe, and you get a discount after you have stayed at one, so make certain to book once more.


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Basically structured and incredible for families, Novotel is a pleasant spot to lay your head during your stay in Brussels at a great cost.

NH Brussels Louise

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This mid range hotel is refreshingly refurbished and a contemporary spot to stay at. NH has every one of the necessities and is around a twenty-minute stroll from the Fabulous Castle that you must see.

Hotel Sofitel

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Treat yourself to a lavish stay at the five-star Lodging Sofitel. Here you will experience French contemporary style and first class administration.

Where to Eat in Brussels

Chocolate, waffles, fries, and lager… the four fundamental nutritional and traditional options of Brussels! You can discover these luxuries everywhere throughout the city, however here are the absolute best.

Chez Leon

This family-possessed café opened in 1893 and is the jewel of Brussels. For under fifteen euro, you can eat the best of conventional Brussels cooking can offer.

Peck 47

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A comfortable bistro with delectable sweet and exquisite choices for early lunches. Peck 47 is most known for its exquisite waffles and steaming hot lattes.


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You can’t go to Belgium without getting some frites! The best places to discover them are from the food stands in the city. They are all amazing, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.


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What’s the principal thing that rings a bell when you consider Belgium? Chocolate! In Brussels, there are chocolate shops everywhere. Any of them are a decent decision, yet there are some that stick out like Mary Chocolatier has a tremendous reputation of heavenly chocolate. Look at the Neuhaus Chocolate shop in the Galeries Royales where the employees will happily assist you with selecting precisely what will fulfill your desires.

Maison Dandoy

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Speculoos is a kind of cinnamon gingerbread treat, and is a lesser known Belgian delicacy. The best originate from the pastry shop Maison Dandoy. You can likewise have some flavorsome and customary waffles here!

Glaces Gaufres Pascalino

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Belgian waffles are the genuine article. The conventional method to eat them is plain, however in the event that you want to get extravagant, you can browse an assortment of garnishes. The best waffles in Brussels originate from a little yellow truck that drives around the city called Glaces Gaufres Pascalino. On the off chance that you can’t get them from the truck, any of the stands all through the city are a decent decision as well.

Comme Chez Soi

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Head to this two-Michelin-star upscale restaurant for a night of guilty pleasures. Attempt the gourmet expert’s tasting menu, or request teh standard menu.

What to Do in Brussels

Regardless of whether you have no plans and you simply meander around the city, you will undoubtedly get to cover most of these attracctions

Comic book centre

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Brussels is the origination of notable cartoons like the Smurfs and Tintin. To pay tribute to these and numerous others, you will discover funny cartoon wall paintings everywhere throughout the city. Start at the Comic Book Center, and advance around the comic book course to attempt to see them all.

Brussels Statues

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Through the city there are some famous little statues that you need to see to accept. There are three altogether, and they share something exceptional practically speaking; Mannekin Pis, Zinneke Pis, and Jeanneke-Pis. You will without a doubt pass every one of the three as you stroll around the city, yet make certain to keep your eyes open or you may miss one.