Is Brussels a Safe or Dangerous city?

Brussels is a safe city for sightseers. The primary hazard is trivial wrongdoing and pick pocketing on the tram or at the train stations (Bruxelles Midi, Bruxelles North and Bruxelles Central station).

The accompanying neighborhoods are best kept away from for travelers particularly during the night : Anneessens, Anderlecht, Chaarbeek, Brussels North, St-Josse, Marollen and Molenbeek.

Explorers face the typical pickpocket issues at airplane terminals, train stations and swarmed lanes around the local square and the Mannekenpis.

A few con artists likewise work in Brussels, attempting to divert you by posing you with a few inquiries or making you sign some paper while some assistant takes your belongings

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Is it safe in Brussels around evening time?

In those parts where it’s not dangerous to stroll during the day it’s additionally safe to go during the evening. There are parts in Brussels, for example, Molenbeek, Anderlecht, Schaarbeek… where you can get assaulted or robbed at any point of the day.

What is the crime rate in Belgium?

In 2012, Belgium had a homicide rate of 3.7 per 100,000 populace. There were an aggregate of 182 killings in Belgium in 2012.

Is it safe to make a trip to Brussels alone?

Like the greater part of current Europe, ladies voyaging alone through Brussels likely won’t experience any issues with regards to security and there’s no clothing regulation you should know about, however all explorers ought to be careful about pickpockets that turn up in the Grand Place.