Fancy a dinner with a twist?

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How would you feel about a gourmet meal on a fully converted tram made in to a luxury restaurant that has been completely decked out to VIP standards?

On board you will be served a six-or seven-course meal by top Belgian chefs, while you visit the most lovely places in Brussels by night for two hours.

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For the fifth season running, the Tram Experience has solicited renowned Belgian chefs to reinterpret in their very own way the agelessness of Belgian’s national and traditional recipes.

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Foodies will probably appreciate the altogether Belgian gastronomic menus made by Lionel Rigolet

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To zest things up considerably more, the Tram Experience has likewise welcomed a few outside specialist chefs situated in Belgium to give their very own peculiar or rebellious understanding of this immortal admission. The Sicilian Giovanni Bruno* (Senzanome), the Californian Alex Joseph (Rouge Tomate) and Iceland’s Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson (Souvenir) will finish the lineup.

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