My first European excursion and I was searching for day trips from Paris and Brussels that fitted the bill flawlessly. Only 1 hour 30 minutes via train and it appeared to be a perfect escape at 49 euros return. I boarded the Eurostar at Gare du Nord on a beautiful sunny morning and set off for Belgium. The train was almost to quick, be that as it may, it did not offer any pleasant views as I had envisioned but for the most part plain fields and farms. At Brussels South which is the outstation the train ends called Brussel Zuid (Dutch) Bruxelles-Midi (French), I needed to change to get to Brussels Central which is the CBD. It took me a number of searches on Bing to make sense that all the 3 names mean the same!! The hazards of solo travel and with no billboard in English saying it was going to Central.

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The plan was to complete a Bus tour, go throughout the day with the jump on and jump off explorer tickets. Karma was to favour me and I discovered a person selling tickets directly outside Brussels Central station. There are two routes, each take around 2-3 hours.

I picked the Blue one first – Atominium, Manneken Pis, and Grand Place. The transport would drop me back at the station and after that I could take the route 2, which would then cover the Royal Palace and European Parliament. For 25 Euro’s, this appeared good value for money. The greater part of the memorable landmarks are inside 2-3 km span, however Atominium and Mini Europe are outside the city.

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The National Basilica looked great. A huge concrete church with two thin towers and a green copper vault roof, ruling the horizon of Brussels. The terracotta layers give it a one of a kind vibe. The shade of the dome was something that truly stood out. Belgian painter Anto Carte (1886–1954) planned the eight recolored glass windows showing the life of Jesus.

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The Atomium, the Eiffel Tower of Brussels’ is a milestone fascination, an immense steel “particle” associating the 9 “atoms,” there are fun space-age videos, and an amazing perspective from the top dome. Albeit a long line to get the lift to the highest dome and a café at the top also. In case you’re frightened of heights like me do take a selfie from the bottom.

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What’s more, presently to the mascot of Brussels, a fountain statue of a young man who is weeing. I had read so much on this Bronze statue that was set up in 1618 or 1619. The statue is wearing outfits as indicated by a calendar which is posted on the railings around the fountain. The transport dropped us at the street and we pursued the billboard that took us down a tight cobbled stone path. There were shops selling trinkets and waffles. This appeared to be a touristy spot. 1 Euro waffles looked enticing. It’s an inclination pretty much every traveler has experienced. When you’re arranging the excursion, make a rundown of “must see attractions” around a city. Then when you arrive, the primary response is ” Really, Is that it?!?”.

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I needed to have some cream and choco chips waffles to get over that overwhelming frustration. Not that I at any point in my life have I been a waffles fan, the bait of 1 Euro waffles was promptly changed into a stun of incredulity when the businessperson asked for 4 Euros for my cream topping. Scams beware !!!

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The Grand–Place is directly over the road, the focal square of the City of Brussels. It’s really a standout amongst the most delightful squares on the planet. An UNESCO legacy site that comprises of the Town Hall (Hôtel de Ville), a Gothic structure and the building gem of the square; Breadhouse (Maison du Roi) which houses the Museum of the City of Brussels, and a few extravagant society halls. Every two years in August, a huge “blossom cover” with a million vivid begonias are set up here.. I wish I could remain until night to see the spot lit up delightfully.

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Being the Beer capital of the world, Belgium has many distilleries and offers a wide assortment of Beers (around 800 unique flavors). The crisp water sources are inexhaustible in this territory and that is the thing that makes it extraordinary for the Breweries. On the off chance that you are not short on a timed schedule, you could check a portion of the Museums of Belgian Brewers.

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Brussels is one of the greenest European cities with a large number of parks and gardens. Also, this voyage through the Cinquantenaire is covered with delightful structures, tall trees and a lovely fountain and waffle vans. The best spots are around Leopold park or Josaphat Park. A speedy walk around the Royal Palace. It’s a ‘Square of the Palaces’ in light of the fact that there is another royal residence on the left of the Royal Palace and there is the Brussels Park.

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The European Parliament – often thought of as the true capital of the Europe and the building merits a visit. Be it visiting the hemicycle or investigating the Parlamentarium, there are a couple of activities to clarify how the European Parliament functions, where it originated from and what it accomplishes for natives and so forth.

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My last stop should be, AutoWorld – who doesn’t care for vintage autos? A museum that has 350 vintage European and American vehicles from the late nineteenth century. Entry is 10 euro. Presently, this what is tragic about all the museums the cost to enter. For what reason do they charge for entry? Perhaps, there ought to be two choices, one for the solo explorer like me and another for the rich travelers. I am going to need to skip it, something for next time. Gota get my Eurostar to Paris before it gets late. A snappy dinner before I board, the best up until now. Belgian Frites. While you’re in Belgium, don’t call em “French fries.” Belgian fries (“frites”) taste so great since they’re fried not once but rather twice — once to cook, and afterward again to turn them firm and get that flawless brilliant shading. Local people dunk them in mayonnaise… heavenly if the mayo is enhanced with garlic.