Abundant and amicable, Belgian cooking is wealthy in convention and age-old recipes. Its underlying foundations are in the land and ocean alike. Its signature items are chocolate, lager, and Frites, and enjoyed by everyone.

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The choice of restaurants is especially huge in the capital. The Brusselicious label records the best spots that show case Belgian cooking at it’s finest. Each recommendation has its own character yet all sticking to traditional recipes: straightforward, inviting, and delicious.

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The last determination of who would feature on the label was led by a board of culinary columnists who have thought about the likeliness of traditional dishes on the menu, their quality, hospitality, and ingredients used.

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Brussels classic favourite is frites, the star dish of their popular foods, they never taste in the same class as it does when eaten on the move. They taste so good because of the using of horse or beef dripping fat, prompt cutting, and high quality sauces.

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